Time and Space

Bowery, Headingley
13th June - 15th August
Curated by Louise Atkinson

Set within the confines of a domestic living space, Time and Space examined new book works created in response to nostalgic associations of place and memory, alluding to the obsolete, discarded and lost. The show included work by national and international artists, across the breadth of book art practice, exploring the book as a time-based medium in various forms, including sculpture, found objects, audio, tactile and conceptual.

Contextualised within a living room environment, the work functioned to question how we curate our own private spaces, how we present ourselves and what we choose to reveal to, and conceal from, the outside world. This environment also afforded the audience the opportunity to fully appreciate and experience contemporary book works, while allowing them time and space to reflect on their own associations and memories.

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